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Another team project in which the goal was to create a small business project. Our project was a technological company specialized in QR-scanning technology.

Our employer asked for an easier, digital method to organize guided tours in the West-Flanders region. Using our technology the users where able to use their smartphone or a rental-phone to walk across the stunning locations of West-Flanders and meanwhile have a guide that would inform them about location-specific facts, video's images, ??Ǩ

The technology we used had an incredibly easy way of use. Simply use your smartphone to scan a QR-code and/or together with geo-location the correct information would be displayed.

My input in this conceptual-project was the graphics and marketing part. I created the TAGverse logo, business cards and general style guide for TAGverse, our company.


Small Business Project, Bachelor in New Media & Communication Technology

Made using

Adobe Illustrator CS5 Adobe Photoshop CS5