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Realms in Exile

Another programming project I did in my second year of NMCT at HOWEST College in Kortrijk, Belgium was a Java based text-game. Some might remember these from their early computer gaming days where you were staring at a dark monitor and anxiously waiting for the next level to show up in green lines of text.
"You arrive in a dark room. A dim light reveals a table with a candle and a book??Ǩ What would you like to do?""CODE: go read book"

This was the basic idea of the text-based game we had to create. Graphics were not required as this was a text-based game. The user only had to type in commands to begin his journey.

This marked the beginning of "Realms in Exile".
I can't really say much more about the game, so i'll just show you some screenshots below.


Programming Course, Bachelor in New Media & Communication Technology

Made using

Adobe Photoshop CS4 Netbeans Java