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De Basiliek Promotional Video

In our Multimedia course we had a video assignment in which we had to make a promotional video for a company. This was also accompanied by a website for the same company.

During the early brainstorming sessions we came up with the idea of using a dolly to give those "boring" shots of the company property that little something extra. We ended up doing almost all our static shots with the dolly because we were so satisfied with the results.

Because we were on a student budget (read: "no budget"), we couldn't afford to rent an actual dolly and track so we had to improvise. My project teammate had the idea to build one out of wood. The resulting dolly & track were simply magnificent.

The resulting video footage and interview was then edited by myself.


Multimedia IV Course, Bachelor in New Media & Communication Technology

Made using

Adobe After Effects CS5 Final Cut Pro Adobe Photoshop CS5 Canon Legria FS19