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Karaoke Request System

When I was asked to DJ at a party and do a little karaoke, I came up with the idea for this project:

Imagine removing the constant stream of people asking you about have a certain song so you could focus about doing some actual work on your playlists? This is exactly what project realized for me.

The users simply had to go to a terminal, in my case a laptop, placed somewhere and search the list for their requested karaoke song. I added a search field to make the huge (10.000+) list of songs more browsable.

The table columns are fully sortable and by clicking the yellow "Aanvragen" link users can request their song.

The request are then sent to a MySQL database and viewed on the admin panel of the system. This would be opened on my laptop.

It relieved the stress on the DJ booth tremendously and made it easier for people to look at songs they hadn't previously thought about.


Personal Project

Made using

Adobe Flash Builder 4 Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 MAMP jQuery MySQL XML